Monday, January 28, 2013


I'm reading a novel right now called, "Heaven Is Here" by Stephanie Nielson. 

She is the author of a blog

It's a wonderful book! I recommend it to everyone I know. Her writing has brought happiness into my life by her positive attitude and how she rebuilt her happiness after it was shattered.

This is her Mormon Message
Her beautiful Family Now

She was a burn victim of an airplane crash, is a mother, and everyday manages to be an amazing example of everything that women should be. In her totally "real-life" novel, she talks about her religion, motherhood, love, and many other things. It's been really refreshing and uplifting. She has inspired me to start a blog, where I can document my life, keep in touch with family, and also just talk.  

I decided to start small. I'm going to document today, and maybe when I am feeling a little more ambitious in the blog world I will document the past.

I'm procrastinating as usual. I have math to do, art history reading, and potentially dinner. I just want to blog. I've never really done one where I'm good at keeping up on it, but I want this one to be different. 
I married Mr. Ryan Decker on September 7, 2012. I have started a life with him and can't wait for the adventures we make our way towards everyday. I want to document our life together and all that the future holds for us. I believe in history, and here I will write our history. Probably more than anyone really wants to know, but it's for us and whoever happens upon these pages of our life.

Today I woke up, (obviously) created this blog, went to school, took some pictures for my photography class, came home to a sick Ryan, and now I do homework... or blog?

Ryan and I are doing our homework like good little children. When we are finished hopefully we can have a nice Family Home Evening. And sleep. 

You should do the same.


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