Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Today it snowed. I went to school attempting not to slide into anything in the car. I went to class Color Theory, Math, and Art History. Love the art classes, not so much the math. All I want this semester is to pass Math 1050. If I do I will never have to take another math class, EVER! If anyone understood what this means they would be crying they'd be so happy for me. I'm crying just thinking about never doing another quadratic equation, or plotting another point on a graph. Not literally but figuratively I guess.

After school I proceeded to go to work, the Library. I love it there. Being surrounded by books and great people make my life that much better. The smell of musty pages is sometimes comforting. (I think maybe I need to get out more).

After work, my math tutor came over. She is wonderful by the way, I may have found my solution to Math 1050, her name is Mackenzie and I absolutely love her. She is going to save me this semester. 

After that stressful excursion ended I walked into the bedroom to find a sleeping Mr. Decker. Did I mention that I love him? I'll have to write a bit more about my dear Ryan in another post, when it isn't 12:40 AM. But he left me a lovely gift hanging from the ceiling by a gift ribbon. It was a card in the shape of a Matryoshka Doll. Inside he whispered sweet nothings. He does so much for me and I couldn't ask for a more wonderful husband. I love you Ryan Decker.


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