Monday, March 18, 2013

Munday Funday Shmunday.

Today is Munday. The day I wish would never come. The Monday following a Spring Break is probably the most worthless day of the whole year. That day, and the day after Christmas...

Just to cover what happened over Spring Break:
1. I worked on my Tribute to Chuck Close Painting. (Finished pictures to come.)
2. Ryan and I bought Mountain Bikes. (HOORAY!)
3. We ate the best wings ever. (At a little wing caravan in Provo on Center Street.)
4. We watched a lot of "Lost." (The TV series.)
5. Sunday was St. Patrick's Day. (My Mom's maiden name is 'Patrick' so kind of a big deal.)

Pictures will come, but for now, try to carry on with your worthless Munday and try to make it a FUNDAY or else it will be a typical Schmunday

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  1. Totally didn't know you had a blog. YAY! I look forward to reading your thoughts.

    Also, word verification is yucky. You should think about getting rid of it.